People consult others they trust to provide guidance.

People consult others they trust to provide guidance.

We teach children that if they ever get lost, to look for a policeman, to help them. What the policeman represents is a safe refuge. Someone you can depend on, to know how to solve your problem, and that you can trust to lead you in the right direction.
Likewise, if you are seeking directions in New York City (or some other bustling location), you may want to think a bit before stopping to ask just anyone for help. Without analyzing it, you usually will look for a pleasant likable face. Even though you don’t know them, they seem approachable. They may be in the same situation as you are: a tourist or visitor, braving to navigate unknown territory. One thing is for sure. You would hardly approach someone with a stern grouchy looking face. You are more likely to approach someone who presents a likeable personality. Ideally, it may be more prudent to look for a uniformed officer and seek direction from him or her.
The goal is ultimately to find the person who is likeable and approachable. A person that you feel confident will have the knowledge which you are seeking, to resolve your dilemma or concern.
This is the same basis on which the principles of Consultative marketing are built. If you have questions, need directions, not sure about something, or simply curious about something, you approach someone whom you are familiar with, someone you have grown to like and someone you trust to be able to help you in whatever your quest is.
A marketer can therefore be more successful by establishing themselves as someone who is known on the internet, who presents a likeable personality, and who is seen as a reliable source in your chosen niche. While establishing yourself as a consultant is a well chartered process, it invites persons in your market field to seek your opinion when they seek answers.


In order for you to be viewed as a consultant, people must first be aware of your existence.
Use proven tools and strategies to crawl the webs of the internet. Facebook is good to a certain extent, but there are so many other tools that can be used to make you known.
Whatever forms of Social Media you use, considerable effort must be employed in making yourself known and recognized. Additionally, having a personal presence (like a blog) is crucial. It lends itself to continuity and adds your personal touch to your marketing efforts. Forums, groups, newsletters and other group oriented media are good tools to use.
Keep up to date with trends and developments in the world of the internet. The speed with which the internet develops and expands, makes it crucial to keep abreast if you want to remain relevant.


Establish your niche. If you are blogging and posting about everything under the sun or whatever suits your fancy on a particular day, then no one will remember what you are about, or dismiss you as a grasshopper personality.
Two sayings come to mind. “A rolling stone gathers no moss”, and “Jack of all trades, and master of none”. Establish yourself as an authority in a particular area and not only become familiar with that area but let it be known that that is what you are about.


It takes time to build relationships. That is why the word courting was invested. And all relationships don’t last forever, so be careful when you are starting out, not to offend anyone, or your attempt to build will be short lived.
One must be careful not to present themselves as marketers, looking to sell on their blog, because no one likes to be sold. It is more desirable to present oneself as having something to offer, that can benefit the readers, and they can use to answer some of their personal questions or concerns.
Be prepared to be consistent in your efforts over time, to weather bad patches, and overcome the inevitable challenges along the way.


Establish yourself as likable, that people would be comfortable approaching you for advice or opinions.
Make yourself likeable in ways that people will remember you in a good way. You don’t post the bikini clad pictures but present yourself and your topic in a way that when people see your name, they immediately think of you as the person who is associated with X,Y, or Z.
Present yourself as knowledgeable in your area. Do research well and make sure that facts you publish are accurate. Once people recognize that you are giving them inaccurate info they will lose confidence in your published material.
Always site your sources for information. No one expects you to know everything. But they expect you to be honest. Plus, siting your sources directs people to additional information which that may find useful, and they will thank you for it.
Whatever your chosen niche is, (the area that you want to be known for), keep up to date with information, read journals and magazines, and listen to broadcast media. A consultant should know their material. It is Ok to not know everything, but if you don’t know anything and have to constantly respond to queries with “I am not sure”, or “I think”, damages your credibility, and creates doubts. Potential clients or customers may move on to the next marketer who presents themselves with more confidence.


Keep your salesmanship under wraps.

No one likes to be sold.

Most people do not go online to Social Media sites and blogs looking to buy something. Usually it is because they want information or have questions about a particular subject. If they end up purchasing something it is because it is perceived as an answer to their particular concern.
Your product or service may be a solution to the answers that people are looking for, but launching into a salesman mode is not in your interest as a marketer.
Marketing is the destination. Positioning yourself as a consultant is the road that takes customers there. Pave that road with a pleasant surface. Do not clutter it, or make it a hard road to travel, and more and more, people will want to take that journey that leads to your store front.

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