Inflammation is an all-round destroyer.

Inflammation is an all-round destroyer.

Are you familiar with what free-radicals are?
How dangerous is body inflammation?
How can you keep a healthy balance?
These an other questions, will be addressed in this article.
Recently I had two simple encounters that caused me to be thinking about the topic of inflammation in the body.

Someone close to me caught a thorn in their finger, and decided to ignore it until a few days later, when it began to hurt. Of course by this time, the inflammation had set in, making it rather tender and more painful to remove. The person was honestly surprised after I had broken the skin with a needle and squeezed the inflammation out, that it was much less painful, and easier to remove the thorn.

And secondly, I was talking to a person, who is suffering from Arthritis, and literally was not aware that arthritis was caused by inflammation. Takes me back to this. Few things just happen. They are usually caused. No invisible ninjas banging on your knee. There is a real reason for the pain and agony.

So I thought that I would do a brief look at the topic of inflammation. This topic is so vast, this medium would only allow for a peek into inflammation and how it affects your HEALTH and WELLNESS

Inflammation in the body goes way beyond a finger prick or even making your joints hurt. Many diseases are believed to be initiated by the presence of prolonged inflammation. It is also thought that many auto-immune conditions are triggered by the presence of inflammation.


Firstly, inflammation is not an infection. An infection is caused by a bacteria, a virus, a fungus, or any matter foreign to the body, that is non-degradable and hangs around where it should not be. When something goes where it should not be and causes damage, it has infected that location.

An infection can cause inflammation, but inflammation is just the body trying to heal itself. So the presence of acute inflammation means that there is something that should not be there, and the body is trying to get rid of it.

When foreign matter shows up, the body sends special proteins and white blood cells to the location to fight off the invaders.

Examples of invaders are: a thorn that enters the body, a virus that infects your sinuses, or the constant presence of too many free-radicals in the body, which are not good for your health and wellness..

The healing response, called inflammation, causes the area of invasion to become red, hot and swollen. This activity and inflammation is supposed to go away after the injury or invasion has begun to heal. But sometimes it does not.


This is when an invasive situation starts suddenly, gets bad quickly, and goes away within days or weeks. Either the healing process is successful, and the inflammation dissipates, or it becomes worse and becomes chronic, or has to be dealt with more drastically. Examples of acute inflammation are appendicitis, bronchitis, and tonsillitis.


Is when the inflammatory condition hangs around for a long time. The body does not have enough anti-oxidant power to eliminate or fight them off, and it creates more foreign matter and increased inflammation.

Free radicals are damaged cells left over from oxidation. What is oxidation? It is the reason that apples, avocadoes and bananas will turn brown after they are exposed to oxygen from the air. It is the cells reacting with oxygen.

This happens to cells inside the body as well. All cells need oxygen. This is the reason why we breathe, and why water is so vital to our health. (water is 2/3 oxygen) When cells interact with oxygen, they occasionally become oxidized, (damaged), but they do not die. The relentless damaged cells, roam around attacking good cells looking for what they need to become well again. These are what are called free radicals.

antioxidants help to combat free radicals

antioxidants help to combat free radicals

Free radicals can be useful. A small amount are needed, to damage and kill bacteria and other foreign invaders, but too many free radicals start to damage healthy cells. Too much inflammation means too many free radicals are present, which create chronic inflammatory conditions.  (This is sometimes referred to also as oxidative stress) Inflammation is being formed at a pace that anti-oxidants cannot keep up with. More inflammation means more free radicals, and it turns into a vicious cycle. Your health and wellness suffers in the process.

Free radicals damage cells in any part of the body they encounter. Blood vessels, joints, cell membranes, and nerves can all be their victims, and the body responds to damage by creating more inflammation (with the intention of healing). The same way your finger collects inflammation if a foreign body is present, is the same way your body forms inflammation with an abundance of free radicals.

It is for this reason, that there are so many names for conditions involving chronic inflammation. These are just a few:

adenoiditis :……….. Inflammation of theadenoids.

adenitis :……….. Inflammation of a gland or lymph node.

aortitis :……….. Inflammation of the aorta.

appendicits :……….. Inflammation of the appendix. (usually acute)

arthritis (rheumatoid) :……….. Inflammation of the joints.

Bronchitis :…..inflammation of the bronchioles.

bursitis :……….. Inflammation of the bursae. (small sacs of fluid that cushion space between bones,

muscles, tendon,joints)

cellulitis :……….. Inflammation of the deep layers of the skin. (usually starts with bacterial infection.)

Gastritis:……….. Inflammation of the stomach lining.

hepatitis :……….. Inflammation of the liver.

meningitis :……….. Inflammation of the protective layers of the brain and spinal cord.

neuritis :……….. Inflammation of the nerves.

periodontitis :……….. Inflammation of the ligaments and bones that support the teeth.

sinusitis :……….. Inflammation of the sinuses.

tonsillitis :……….. Inflammation of the tonsils.


Nature has provided for this eventuality of oxidation, and free radical formation. The answer to free radicals is anti-oxidants. As the name suggests, anti-oxidants combats oxidation. Our modern lifestyle, and poor diet choices cause an imbalance in the process of eliminating free radicals. Because we create more free radicals, we must remedy it by more anti-oxidants.


Other conditions which are believed to be caused by chronic inflammation include:

  • All forms of Autoimmune disorders including Arthritis and Multiple Scherlosis,
  • Parkinson’s disease, Obesity, Diabetes, and Osteoporosis.
  • Allergies including Asthma, and Food Intolerances.
  • Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and many other pain disorders.

There is much evidence to suggest that the link to these and other conditions is the presence of chronic inflammation.

The modern diet and lifestyle which does not include enough anti-oxidant and mineral rich foods, is likely to cause inflammation in the body, and this can lead to a variety of illnesses.

In case you are wondering, an auto-immune disease is when the body automatically starts an immune response to healthy tissue thinking that it is foreign matter. This immune response triggers inflammation, and the vicious cycle begins.


Pesticides, poor quality air, toxic water supply, Heavy metals , Chemical compounds in food, Constant exposure to chemicals

Chronic inflammation also plays a role in plaque build up in arteries, (called atheroscelrois),  diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, asthma and many other conditions

This brings back memories of some of the scariest times in my life, when my son’s asthma was triggered by some kind of exposure.

Free radicals can be useful. Too many are dangerous.

Free radicals can be useful. Too many are dangerous.

To help eliminate chronic inflammatory conditions, and/or prevent build ups, consume lots of anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables, or supplement with all natural supplements.

Drink lots of green tea, and include foods rich in healthy omega 3 fats like avocadoes, olive oil and healthy fish.

Snack on nuts and seeds, and include a moderate amount of DARK CHOCOLATE in your diet.

That’s it folks. Maybe we can delve deeper into this topic sometime soon.

Which inflammatory conditions were new to you?

Do you know of any others that you can add?

Make your input in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this on your wall so that others can benefit from these insights.

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