Give your body the tools, and it will do the work.

Give your body the tools, and it will do the work.

I am about to embark on a series called “what’s in your food?” In it we shall enhance our knowledge of what is in our food that helps, and what harms the body as it struggles to maintain life.

Before we begin to examine what is in our food, perhaps we should take a look at why we need to examine our food. How it is produced, processed and prepared.

It is no secret that in the western world we are experiencing an unprecedented amount of sickness and disease. And Mostly of what has now been coined “lifestyle diseases”. These are various types of cancer, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart disease, pulmonary conditions, inflammatory conditions, auto immune diseases and mental disorders. Indications are that they can be prevented however.


These lifestyle diseases are categorized as chronic in that they are usually long term, progressive, and can be controlled but not cured. They are now a leading cause of disabilities and death, and have the potential to reduce the quality of your life, and decrease your years of productivity. They also have an uncanny way of eating up your savings and hinder your future independence.

Almost all irregularities which alter your life occur from interaction with harmful substances in your environment, or from what you put in your body.

This leads me to believe that we do have a measure of control over what happens to us, and the future of our health, but making better eating and drinking choices, and aiming for a healthy lifestyle.

The trend seems to be that it is taken for granted that these lifestyle diseases are inevitable, and we cannot avoid them happening to us. I think we can all agree that they don’t just happen, they are caused. The air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, and the food that we don’t eat.

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Wise thoughts should indicate that if we want to maintain a healthy body, we have to think about it as a well-oiled machine that needs certain things to function well.

For example: If we want to build muscles, we need protein. Likewise of we want our lungs to work well, we have to breathe clean air. Because dirty air will leave toxins, and cause a build-up of residue after a while.

Sometimes, I almost burst out with laughter at some of the advertisements for medication. The fancy names they give to bad things in our body. There is an ad for COPD that I always find funny. Chronic, obstructive, pulmonary disease. Maybe if we did not sugar coat things and dress them up in fancy words, they will be taken more seriously. If I was told that the mucous and inflammation has my lungs blocked up and if you don’t stop it, one day you won’t be able to breathe and it will kill you.

If we put grease down the kitchen sink, after a while you have to clean those pipes because they will become clogged. Our kidneys and liver also become clogged from pollutants in our food.

Eat all carbohydrates and not enough fiber our digestive system will get clogged up. We call it constipation and think it sounds cute. This is more dangerous to your body than the garbage collectors going on strike in your neighborhood.

Detoxification is a normal process. Natural processes in the body, as well as excesses of harmful substances create more toxins than the body can handle some is left behind. Body becomes toxic. Not only is there a build-up, but it will become breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Just like garbage build up from the kitchen.

Your body has built in disposal systems. Urine, faeces and perspiration. In order to detoxify efficiently, we need to keep our organs healthy and working well, keep our glands in a similar condition, so we have the appropriate amount of enzymes to do their job, and drink enough water to facilitate this process. (Now we all know we can’t turn on the garbage disposal in out sink without running the water.) Likewise our bodies cannot flush out toxins without enough water in it.



  • What medications are on the market and what chemicals go into them.
  • The results of flawed studies and the results of studies that are designed to alter your thinking.
  • What is fed to the animals we use for food, what chemicals are used to get them to maturity alive.
  • We can’t control what plants are sprayed with, so they reach the supermarket shelves looking lovely and inviting.
  • What goes into ponds in fish farms, to promote rapid growth and pretty flesh.
  • The fluoride in our tap water.
  • The radiation in our cell phones and towers etc.

But you can make choices on what is best for you, what you want to let into your body and what to leave alone. It will take a little more focus, and effort. But the choice is yours.


  • Do you go for convenience, or safety?
  • Do I go for temporary happy, or strive for longer healthy.
  • Do you think about good health on a daily basis or destroy it to the point where bad health is all you can think about.
  • Spend a little more money on fruits that are organically grown, or save the money for the hospital bills.
  • Or do you enjoy eating what pleases you now and try to deal with illness once your body starts to react negatively.
  • Do I go for temporary happy, or strive for longer healthy.


So you see, in the interest of our future, our quality and quantity of live. In protecting ourselves and our loved ones from unnecessary pain, we must examine what is in our food and what it is doing to our bodies.


Your body is the only vehicle for the journey of life.

Your body is the only vehicle for the journey of life.



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