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Every now and again, I am confronted online with a challenge by one weight- loss company or another. A twenty-one day challenge, a sixty day challenge. And every time I see it my brain goes into a tail spin. I wonder if it is a contest between the person and the products you use to see which one will prevail? The fat or the product? Or is the challenge between the various users to see who will lose the most fat?
A challenge brings to mind the idea of a contest that tests one’s skill or strength in a particular area. In some places it is described as a call to battle.
Alternatively, I prefer to think of a person’s decision to lose weight as a “dare”. One’s decision to demonstrate that they have the courage or boldness to get the job done.
Losing weight has never been considered an easy task. The transformation has to start in the mind of the person. Until one’s mind is made up that this is what they want to do, no amount of external influences will get the job done. Yes, I said job and I said task previously, because that is what it is. If there is someone out there who has succeeded in intentionally losing weight without putting out a great deal of effort, I invite you to share your experience with others who may benefit from it. Who knows I may be missing a few details along the way.
The simple truth is that for the most part and under normal circumstances, weight gain is a result of consuming more calories than the body uses. The excess is therefore put into storage for later use (fat cells). It is a rather simple mathematical equation. Opposingly, for the most part, and again under normal circumstances, weight loss is the reverse… Consuming fewer calories than the body needs to use at a given point in time, so that the body goes into storage (fat cells) to make up the shortfall.
Some methods of weight loss require more effort than others. Whether one puts the emphasis on exercising more, or eating less, the need is created to use stored fat. Obviously a combination of both should prove to be even more efficient. In today’s environment many methods and products have been researched and developed to stimulate the brain, manipulate the metabolism, engorge the muscles to work harder, and various other enhancements to the process.
Many people who went on diet programs by eating less became nutrient deprived and could not keep it up for any length of time. Others took the exercise route and for various reasons fell short of their goals. I am one of those individuals who get physically sick when I get hungry, so I know what it feels like. For as long as I live I will remember trying to convince my body that it was going to comply with what my brain decided was a program that would surely get the job done. (I believe it was the cabbage soup diet at that time in the early 1980’s.) My body became so traumatized that I ended up pulling off the road to eat an apple, which I carried around just in case I needed it. The irony is that at the time, I was at a weight and size that I would give anything to be at again. (I guess the idea of closing the stable before the horse got out didn’t quite work.) If I started to name the diet programs and adjustments in eating that I have voluntarily encountered, I would have to write a three part series for this article. Being “diagnosed” with hypertension and being put on a regimen of dangerous chemicals, didn’t help either. Maybe I was the culprit in not carrying out the instructions as given. But that’s another story for another place and time.
—–Moving right along—.
After decades of individuals in many countries of the world, struggling to reduce the quantity of their food consumption, and do it in a healthy way, there is now a simple method that is presently working well for thousands. Beneficial, all natural soluble and insoluble fiber is introduced as a portion of food consumption. So one feels full quicker and therefore eats less. (Read about the fiber in SKINNY FIBER here.) http://princessshimari.com/?p=143
The fiber is taken with lots of water, which is also of undeniable benefit to the body. (The benefits and necessity of clean water to the system can be seen here. http://princessshimari.com/?p=137
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At the heart of any Network Marketing, Multi-level Marketing or Direct Selling business is having productive Partners, Associates, or recruits to join your team.
Whether you talk to your family members, seek to help your friends, use paid advertising, use Leads or Lead generation systems, there is one objective to your efforts. To find persons who get the vision of business ownership, leveraging their time, owning their life, and willing to put in the required effort to get there.
As one may imagine, business ownership and having an entrepreneurial mindset is not a desire of every apple in the basket. So when you are introduced to that special person, whether it is daily, weekly or several times a week, those prospective business partners should be seen as treasures that have been entrusted in your care. Your duty as a professional is to take good care of bringing that person from that place of uncertainty and in-experience to become a confident and productive Marketer and team member.
Statistics say that most people fail at Network marketing. Could it be because most people don’t get the coaching and nurturing that is required?
I dare say that if prospective business partners, are told the truth rather than the hype, screened for work ethic (requirement) and tutored a bit before they are given the job, the failure rate would not be so high. The trend seems to be –get them in at all cost and hope that they stay. I could hope all I want that winter doesn’t come each year. It is NOT going to happen because I want it.
Shouldn’t professional Network Marketers be inspired to want to ensure that the odds are reduced with new members on our team? If we look at our new team members as being where we once were, and wanting to make it work for us, it may give us a new prospective from which to work. Many times, these prospects are inexperienced in the field. They are looking to you for guidance, and some measure of confidence in what you are doing, as this would also inspire them. Remember, that whatever you show your new members, they should learn and pass it on to their down line. We know it as duplication; and the apple falls right under the tree.
You must be willing to adjust and handle properly their mood changes. When they are excited and enthusiastic, celebrate with them. As a mentor you know that it can change and you should be just as happy to encourage and uplift them when the momentum slows and the optimism slows with it.
It used to be that Leaders and Mentors were good at doing presentations, explaining compensation plans, and speaking at meeting and gatherings. Most times, those duties, which were chores for some, and a source of discouragement for other prospective business partners, Since the world of technology has taken over those tasks, recruiting and mentoring now has more scope for nurturing the persons who come into your team.
Is your Network marketing business a sieve, where people fall out and you have to work hard to keep filling it up? My personality hates having to do the same thing that I’ve done before. It is wasted effort. I prefer to do it right the first time, take good care of what I have so that it will stay.
I am currently marketing for two network marketing Business with above average retention rates. Some may say it is because they are relatively new. I say it is because they have remarkable products, that people will buy even if they are not business minded. So maybe they get in for themselves and not for the recruiter.
See for yourself. . www.healthandwealthbuilders.info
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THE RULES DO NOT CHANGE (changing your mindset)


Every now and again, the slightest little occurrence causes me to go into deep thought. Like an “encounter” I had with an online virtual assistant (sorry; expert) earlier today.
I was in one of those mellow moods where I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. I just wanted to be alone with myself and enjoy my own company. But I have noticed that when I remember things that I need to do, I either have to do them right away, or make a physical note of it. (The mental notes are not as effective anymore)
So, it flashed into my mind that I can go online and talk to a customer service representative about my query.
A few clicks soon led me to the help section and I located “Charlie” –A female Charlie. Have you noticed that virtual assistants usually have a name that ends with an –ie-? Kylie, Charlie. Must be easier to write in computer code.
A followed her written prompts and ended up with a message that said call 1-800 —–. Now that was not my intention in the first place. I did not work my fingers for you to tell me call to speak to a representative. Guess what I did? I continue to click, went right back around in a circle, and ended up in the same place. To my amazement, the little Charlie girl said something to the effect of “I think I am about to give you the same response. Would you like me to continue? So I gave in, called the number and got my concerned addressed by a live person.
A little while later, I was reflecting, and came to the conclusion that I was really stupid. What my little virtual expert was saying to me, if she was a real person, would sound something like;
“I already told you what to do.Call the number. Do you expect me to say something different now? If you keep bugging me you will get the same answer every time. Wise up and call the number if you really want an answer.”
And if she was a Bajan, (dialect for Barbadian) she would probably say, “You harda hearing or wha? I dun tell you wa to do. You is a halfa idiot or wha? Or you went school at de stan pipe? Stan dey, I dun talkin to you. Move out ma face leh me talk to somebody dat got sense do. Doan upset ma Spirit do. (under the breath) educated jackass “
Remember that definition for insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Simply because I thought I didn’t want to make the effort required, I almost ran into a dead end. For the time being, anyway. It was not that hard. I just wanted to remain in my comfort zone of enjoying my peace.
So I came to the conclusion that without even thinking, I was temporarily insane this morning.
How many of you out there are in a place where you desire an answer to a challenge in your life, but are skeptical to make the required change? Do you want to make some extra money every week? Gain more time to spend with your family and loved ones? Do you want to lose some weight so that you can fit better into those cute clothes? (I know from experience, they are hardly ever cute when they grow up to a bigger size)
Do you want to feed your body the right nutrients so that it feels and operates better? Whatever changes you need to make in your life. I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Take what ever steps to lead to where you want to be in your life. Take that first step. Once you do, you’ll be glad you did. There is a saying that goes something like this. “The longest journey begins with the first step. Go ahead, do it for you. And, may I add, in most cases it gets easier with each subsequent step. Transform your mindset. Only you can do it for you.
Thanks for sharing this light-hearted moment with me. I cannot help you with everything you need to change, but to encourage you to find that inner strength. But if you want to make any of the changes mentioned above visit me at
http://www.ibourl.com/h9h or
www.fortyplushealthandwealthbuilders.com .
You may continue to peruse my other articles here on www.ibosocial.com/shimari
I work with some teams of wonderful people that have helped me, and we are waiting to help the next person make that journey to better Health and Wealth.



Well, it is HOLIDAY SEASON again!! I am sure you noticed. Lights are everywhere. On the streets, in the trees, on the houses, in the stores, and each year, creative minds find additional ways to declare that it is holiday time, and we are celebrating in a big way.

Some of us celebrate Christmas, some celebrate Quanza, and yet others celebrate Hanukkah. Some celebrate birthdays or anniversaries during the holidays. And when we add the office parties, the club parties, the group gatherings and family affairs, it makes for a massive continuous almost month long celebration.

But I wanted to focus on a vital aspect of the holiday season.
Have you noticed that in most countries of the world, the term celebration is synonymous with food. Holidays and holiday seasons are identified with certain kinds of food. Many kinds of food actually. Each country, race, or religion prepares special foods to help them celebrate.
When a celebration is centered around persons rather than holidays, it usually involves a gathering of family and friends, co-workers or strangers, and again we celebrate with food. Birthdays, anniversaries, even deaths are celebrated with food.

There is no getting around the abundance of food whenever there is cause for a celebration of some kind. The holidays that are upon us are sure to come with a variety of cookies, cakes, pies, candies and whatever makes our individual hearts glad. Food, festivities and fun always go hand in hand.

I am reminded at this time, of one of my Health and Wellness Mentors who coined the word, and wrote a book on “Nutricide” We are killing our bodies by the food we feed it. (www.drafrika,com) At the same time we are not conscious of the dangers of what we substitute for “real food.”

Traditionally, people enjoy the holidays, overindulging in goodies, and prepare to go on a diet once the holidays are over. Sounds like a plan right? Come January, we resolve to make it to the gym, go on a diet, start walking, jogging, or acquire the latest exercise video. However well intentioned, some of us keep those resolutions, some of us don’t. Some of us arrive back at this time of the year with the same weight that we added last holiday season. In 2010, I succeeded in losing a noticeable amount of unwanted unsightly fat. In 2011, I was not so successful. It was a see-saw journey that ended up with me being only about 10 pounds lighter than when the year started. I am one of those who love food, and cakes etc. and always fall for telling myself, “I can always go on a diet”

For all those who may be facing that struggle this holiday season, and those who have come catching up to do from holidays past, or who wants to get a head start on your New year’s resolution to lose weight and become healthier. I would like to introduce you to SKINNY FIBER.
I would not attempt to explain what SKINNY FIBER is. The professionals do it way better than I can. In five minutes you can learn all the details here. www.ibourl.com/h9h In 4 or 5 days you can have it on your doorstep. If you are not in the USA, It may take a day or two longer.
And, Guess what? When you start to lose weight and be healthier and your friends ask what you are doing. You can tell them where to go. When they help themselves to SKINNY FIBER and all the benefits of using it, you make a commission. It is as simple as that holiday pie. A Big Time.. Win_ Win. That takes care of New Year’s resolution #2 to become more financially stable.
Get that peace of mind to be able to enjoy the Holiday treats, without feeling guilty.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE. STAY SAFE from the harmful effects of food overindulgence



For the most part civilization does not just drift along. Many things are planned and structured for eventualities. Some things we know will l change so we plan for them.
We know that children grow into adults and need to function as adults so we prepare them by providing an education.
We know that the seasons will change, (at least in some locations) so we install central heat when we build houses, so that we are ready when winter comes around.
We know that we will get hungry so we go to the supermarket so that we have food when we do get hungry. We know that the bills need to be paid so we secure a source of income, and work at securing and increasing it.
We know that if we are lucky we will get old and not be able to function as before so we provide for that eventuality with retirement plans etc.
For the most part, the things that are sureties, are things that humanity has no control over.
Then there are some things that we prepare for JUST IN CASE (of emergency)
We ignore the stewardess demonstrating how to use your oxygen mask and lifebelt on the airplane, but it is necessary (in case of emergency)
Did you see the movie TITANIC? Most of the people that were saved, was because of those unsightly life boats that were put there “Just in case (of emergency)”
The entire insurance industry is built on the possibility of something going wrong. Some kind of “spoke in the road” that breaks the flow. We buy health insurance in case we are faced with a health challenge or to take steps to prevent it. It is so guaranteed that emergencies will happen on the road that car insurance is mandated by law.
In case something goes wrong with our home, we are comforted by having insurance. So much is structured on having a “back- up plan” for many aspects of our lives.
But we wake up every day, go to work, and collect a pay check at the end of the week. Spend it, and repeat the process hoping that you will be able to do it for thirty or forty years.
But, what if it doesn’t? Do we have insurance against, the company going bankrupt and leaving you without severance? Against the organization downsizing and you are one of those on the outside of the circle? Against progress changing certain dynamics and eliminating jobs? Example: Blockbuster was once on every third corner. Now we can order movies with our remote, the once bustling, — standing in line– late fees – operation, is now evolving into a booth outside the local supermarket.
The point I am making here, is that “You never know” Do you have an “in case of emergency plan” for your source of income? Nothing is beyond being touched.
Why not create and carry your own financial life jacket? Some people perished on the Titanic, because someone else decided who should go first, who will get preference. What is your back up plan? In the volatile economy of world of commerce, everything depends on something else. You never know. Carry your own spare tire for you and your family. A car with a flat tire is rendered useless temporarily if it can’t roll. It doesn’t matter if the tank is full, if the seats are made of leather and the stereo is equipped with the latest surround sound. No titles, name appendages or office view guarantees there will be no change.
I have come full circle in this article. Some things will change. Some things may or may not change. But we prepare for both eventualities. What have you prepared for your “IN CASE OF EMERGENCY?”
Having your own successful Home Business is one way that you can have more control over your finances. There are several out there that you can choose from, but few will allow you to get started with no fees and guarantees success with a bit of dedication and a team to cheer you on. www.ibourl.com/eo0



When you decide to purchase a product whether it is a food item, household goods, a car, or anything that is on the market, your decision is mostly based on who has been able to sell you on their product. The selling comes before the purchasing. Once you are “sold” the purchasing comes after. By the time you reach the supermarket you know what brand of detergent you will buy because you are already sold on it. Maybe you have used it for years and have no intention of switching. Maybe the television ad was impressive. Or a neighbor recommended it. Maybe the manufacturer enticed you with a 30 cents coupon. Maybe you believed that you could smell the sunshine in the bottle. However it happened you were sold.
What have you “sold” today?
Did you stop on your way to work and grab that cup of coffee or breakfast sandwich. You may have because your body needed the food, but when you tell your co-workers or friends where you had your breakfast, or where you went for lunch, you have just sold those business places, their food and everything on their menu.
The person you were speaking to, the listeners on, all registered in their brain that you like that particular food and are likely to go eat there.
When someone asks, “Where did you get that purse?” And you give an answer, it registers. The person you just sold may go there looking for a purse and end up buying three or four different items. So the store benefits from your efforts.
But do they pay you for the “free advertising” No. Their CEO’s and directors reap the benefits. When you tell your relatives, friends, co-workers or anyone of a product you like, what you are doing is recommending the product or service. That is free advertising that would otherwise cost the company. The truth is that we recommend products continuously. We market things we like, without being aware of it.
So why not market something for yourself. Get your own little piece of the retail pie? Find a product or two that you like; that you use or have used. That you would be proud to recommend to others and market them. The difference is that when you are a registered distributor for that product, you get paid for your advertising. Gone are the days when you had to buy the products and sell them personally. Now it is as simple as showing someone where to find the information on the internet. How simple can that be?
Direct selling is simply a person (usually called a distributor) advertising and encouraging others to purchase a particular product without a fixed retail location. The rationale behind this concept is that it eliminates a lot of the cost of wholesalers, retailers warehousing and advertising, which is then paid (in varying degrees) to the distributor. As a distributor recruits others to do the same, they build an organization, the company sells more products, and the team is rewarded for doing so.
This is something that can be done in addition to your regular source of income, but many individuals are successful in making it their only source of income. Look at direct selling as a method in which an individual can secure their own financial freedom, and have more control of their time, and energy.
There are numerous products to choose from for direct sales. I chose the products that I need and want, where there is no excuse to not get my personal supply, but you don’t have to be a consumer to be a marketer. I doubt that many Chinese eat fried chicken wings, but they sell them in abundance in certain places, because people want to buy them. Some organizations take longer to build than others, but every journey begins with the first step.
Direct Marketing, is nothing to turn up your nose at, and avoid. You spend money every day buying things that someone else sold to you. Get out there and do your own selling. It is not as hard as you think.
I recommend NATRABURST for nutritional support. http://www.ibourl.com/djq
SKINNY FIBER for weight loss and general health improvement. http://www.ibourl.com/eo0
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