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There is a college student who just signed for another student loan.  It was totally necessary. He must finish the degree so he can start to earn money. But he is smart. He realizes that it is going to take him many years to pay off the loan. When will he start to live, with all this financial commitment?  There has to be a better way he thinks. Could there be a Network Marketer in there some where?

His good friend graduated last year, and entered the world of work. The thought of working for forty years, for forty hours a week, and retire with forty percent of his income is not at all appealing to him, but it seems that is the way the world works. But he continues to wonder, is there an alternative?

There is a mother who just resigned from her job. You see, her baby is three months old. She went back to work, but the day care costs, and the after care is almost as much as what she is paid. So she decided to be a stay at home Mum. But she still has some time during the day. She wishes there is something she can do to make a little money while she rears her child. Read the rest of this entry

Positioning yourself for NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS 2


In continuing to point out the power of being in an environment where you can learn and grow  in order to position yourself for NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS,  I find myself being inspired by the memory of my sons when they  were a merely a two year old and a baby.

Have you ever had one of those light bulb moments?  Where something you heard or experienced, all of a sudden brings enlightenment?  I never understood the power of what I am about to relate to you until very recently.

I recently joined My Lead System Pro, and connected with a lot of awesome people in the NETWORK MARKETING industry.   I was contemplating the way everyone is so willing to reach out to help each other. I was also thinking of how it makes it so much easier for me to accomplish feats that I would never even have taught possible before being exposed to MLSP, and learn of tools, strategies and technologies  that would be difficult to discover on my own.

My first son never walked until he was almost ten months old. He had no role model, no one was there urging him on to get up and get it done.

Read the rest of this entry

Positioning yourself for NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS


This is the first part of a two part article on POSITIONING YOURSELF FOR NETWORK MARKETING SUCCESS.

We have all heard the stories of the boy who was raised by apes, or the Russian “werewolf boy”.  Similarly, we know the quote that” It’s Hard to Soar like an Eagle When You Are Surrounded by Turkeys.”

It is not too difficult to comprehend that one’s environment plays a great part in the actions that you take, the insights that you learn, the characteristics that you develop, and the attitudes that you form.

Most actions are caused by some kind of motivation. Motivation does not always have to be from a positive source. If you were being chased by a pit-bull, you will be motivated to run like your life depended on it. Not because you want to run, or enjoy running, but because you have to. Kind of like being pushed. As in the case of the boss you says you must produce so much in order to get paid, or you must produce X,Y,Z, by a given point in time in order to be considered for the promotion. This is more of an external y- based, fear-based motivation. If I don’t make the quota, I wont get paid. Or if I don’t out do my colleagues, I will not find favor in the eyes of the people who matter. Read the rest of this entry



Have you ever wondered why animals and humans do the things they do?

Some actions are innately instinctive.   A baby chick wakes up one day and knows he has to pick his way out of that shell or suffocate. Some actions and behaviors are learned.  How many times does a baby fall before he gets it right, and develops enough strength to get it done?

In most cases the environment contributes greatly to the LEARNED behaviors. In the animal kingdom, most behaviors, both instinctive and learned, are either directly or indirectly related to survival. In the human world, most behaviors are LEARNED

A farmer has to learn the attribute of each season, the chemicals he uses, and how and what to do; to ensure that his efforts are rewarded come harvest time.

Like-wise, every artisan needs some knowledge of his/her trade. It is very seldom that knowledge gained will transcend changing times. In most areas of life, it is necessary to keep learning in order to keep up with trends and innovations. The knowledge that you avail yourself of, and USE, will eventually determine your survival or failure. Read the rest of this entry

SHIRATAKI… the miracle noodle substitute


After highlighting the effects of including too many high carbohydrate, high glycemic foods in your diet, I also highlighted the carbohydrate foods that are better to your health, by providing valuable FIBER.
A reader confessed that they love noodles. Well so do I. As we know noodles come in all shapes and sizes and are named according to the shape of the noodle, But in the final analysis they are mostly made of refined white flour. Some brands may include eggs and call them egg noodles. Some multicolored varieties may include spinach, carrots beets etc., but in order for them to be shaped and maintain the shape, some form of flour is used in some quantity, and are generally deficient in FIBER content.
The last time I was on a diet, I was introduced to a miracle noodle substitute.
This noodle of Asian origin is made from all soluble fiber. The fiber is obtained from the root of a yam grown in Asian countries, and all that is added is water and they are shaped into various noodles. This noodle is commonly called “Shirataki noodle”. Touted as zero calories, zero carbohydrates, all fiber. Can there be a better Health food?
Made from the root of the Conjac yam, this product is also known as Glucomannan. It is described as all fiber noodle. Because of this, the noodle has no flavor and absorbs the flavor of whatever you cook them with. (try stir fries) Read the rest of this entry


Journey to SKINNY in 2012- “Dare to do it“ PART 2
If you missed PART 1, you can read it here. http://www.ibosocial.com/shimari/blog.aspx?blogid=52263
In continuing from the previous article with the same name……This process can be maintained as a way of life rather than a diet, as one gets to enjoy the food they are used to without feeling deprived or hungry. Because there is less consumption of (the usually not so nutritious) food to the digestive system, over time, the kidneys, liver and other digestive organs are less stressed and able to function better. As a result, the body regulates itself and blood pressure is stabilized, blood sugar is stabilized, cholesterol levels are stabilized and users have reported amazing transformations in other health conditions.
I dare say that the option to lose weight is not a challenge, but a “dare”. A decision in one’s mind that they have the courage to do it. As Nike ushered that dare to just do it, using the shoes they designed. I dare you to just do it, using the innovation of combining three special gifts of nature to get the job done. Nature has provided natural foods to aid the body in healing itself. SKINNY BODY CARE has provided a triple whammy of natural fibers to help us who are ready and want to rid our bodies of the excess fat and toxins. We are hardly going to be faced with a famine any time soon. We don’t need to store excess fat under our skin, around our organs, and in other parts of our body that is making us sick.
I dare you to get your mind in that place in time for the New Year. Join me as I dare myself to do it. We have the right tool to get the job done. The tool is no good to anyone if it is left lying in the toolbox. Get it now. If you do it right and see no results after thirty days, the company WILL refund your purchase price, even if the bottle is empty. So you have nothing to lose but unhealthy fat and toxins.
I have a confession to make. In the three months that I have been a distributor for SKINNY BODY CARE, I never really got into the program. This was partly because I had dieted much this year and partly, because I was monitoring my system for adjustments to a gluten free diet. I am happy to say I am now ready in mentally and physically to “dare” myself to do it.
Let’s do it.
Let us band together and support each other as we dare ourselves every day to “do it” I have created a Facebook Group as our meeting place to support and encourage and celebrate each other. Join the group if you want to lose weight. If you know someone who wants to lose weight and regain or improve their health or if you want to become a SKINNY BODY CARE distributor and help others. https://www.facebook.com/groups/220711901337278/
DISCLAIMER !!! I wish to inform all readers, that I lay or state no claims to medical knowledge. I was a career long school teacher. I have had a passion for healthy living and being my own Health Advocate for many years. Dr. Llaila Africa ignited my quest for health awareness several years ago and a long association with Dr. Edward Layne nurtured it, as I continued to research and learn. My statements are drawn from my personal accumulation of knowledge and personal experiences. Any reference that I make in my articles can be easily researched. To cite references would limit the reader’s scope, as there is a vast amount of places and documentation that one may gather information from.

CAUTION. The key to the success of SKINNY FIBER pills is that you take the pills at least thirty minutes before a big meal with lots of water. Eat a smaller than usual meal, and STOP EATING WHEN YOU FEEL FULL. If you continue to eat as much as you did before, the results will be less than satisfying.
Go here to learn more facts about SKINNY BODY CARE and SKINNY FIBER. In five minutes you can join the “Dare to do it” club for the New Year.
Visit and stay in touch with Health and Wealth Builders here. www.fortyplushealthandwealthbuilders.com
Thanks for stopping by and sharing this moment in time with me. I do appreciate it.

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