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Have you ever wondered why animals and humans do the things they do?

Some actions are innately instinctive.   A baby chick wakes up one day and knows he has to pick his way out of that shell or suffocate. Some actions and behaviors are learned.  How many times does a baby fall before he gets it right, and develops enough strength to get it done?

In most cases the environment contributes greatly to the LEARNED behaviors. In the animal kingdom, most behaviors, both instinctive and learned, are either directly or indirectly related to survival. In the human world, most behaviors are LEARNED

A farmer has to learn the attribute of each season, the chemicals he uses, and how and what to do; to ensure that his efforts are rewarded come harvest time.

Like-wise, every artisan needs some knowledge of his/her trade. It is very seldom that knowledge gained will transcend changing times. In most areas of life, it is necessary to keep learning in order to keep up with trends and innovations. The knowledge that you avail yourself of, and USE, will eventually determine your survival or failure. Read the rest of this entry

A simple approach to HEALTH AND WELLNESS –2


This is the continuation of the previous article by the same name. princessshimari.com/

Any vessel or tube that has a concentrate moving through it, will accumulate residue after a while. Check the bottom of your kettle, or the fuel filter in your car. Eating fiber in natural food helps to keep your body clean. A basic factor in maintaining HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

Back in the day when I had babies, I was fortunate enough to have an electric sterilizer for the feeding bottles. (They weren’t disposable back then.) But every now and again I had to get that bottle brush and get down in there and scrub them. That is the job of fiber in food. Our filters were designed to trap a little toxicity but when we over load them they don’t know how to handle it. The organs become damaged. They can’t function properly, and so the hormones and other complex systems are compromised. So the livers fail, kidneys fail (to work). . Would you put dirty gas or dirty oil in your car? go here, to see a product that can and WILL help to clean our bodies, and improve your overall health. www.healthandwealthbuilders.biz Read the rest of this entry

A simple approach to HEALTH AND WELLNESS


A reader asked. How do you come up with all the stuff you write about HEALTH AND WELLNESS? And I started thinking, it really is not a big deal. Well, I promised I’d share my approach for all to see.
The body is as complex as can be, but operates really simply at the same time. If we see it as a creative masterpiece, with simple user instructions, it is much easier to understand.

I decided a long, long, time ago that eternity is a very long time, so I don’t have to be in any hurry to get to heaven. I want to be right here to see all the innovations and cool stuff that will happen in the near future. I asked God for 105 and that is what I claim. But praying for a long life is not going to do it. Sure, God is all powerful, but I believe that He expects us to do our part. He may have a different plan, but that is not my business, because I have no control there. My business is to give myself an opportunity for whatever lies in my future if it is to be. Read the rest of this entry




Dr. Oz: You Could Have Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease: MyFoxCHICAGO.com

THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE…weapons of warfare


We see them everywhere at this time of the year. The television ads are so glamorous!!! All the folk who have lost weight using one weight loss product or the other. The magazines are filled from cover to cover of the glamor shots of the new bodies, transformed by a system or product. It is a good thing to lose weight if you need to. And having a mentor or someone to emulate is very desirable. I remember when I put a picture of Oprah on the refrigerator door as my motivation. It worked for a while. But you have to really believe in what you are doing. You will need a transformed mind to fight the “BATTLE OF THE BULGE”. That motivation has to be more intrinsic than spurred by external forces.
Me, personally, I think the impression that is given is that it is walk in the park. Have you seen pictures of the subjects when they are exercising, and exhausted? Have you seen the struggle to bypass the ice-cream in the supermarket? The battle in the mind when you cook the pasta for the kids but you know you shouldn’t eat it. We don’t see those images. As a matter of fact, some things cannot be portrayed either pictorially or literarily. Read the rest of this entry

SALAD CHOICES for your Health and Wellness


Whether you are on the road, at your lunch break, or taking a lunch bag. Choosing a salad as an option is easy most times. When we have decided that we need to make better choices when it comes to our choice of food items, we sometimes don’t have the time to dedicate towards including a variety of FRUITS AND VEGETABLES in our meal plan. Having a salad is usually an easy choice whether we eat out, in fast food restaurants, soup and salad joints, or simply purchase it prepared or semi prepared from the supermarket.

How is your salad going for you?
The bulk of most salads is iceberg lettuce. Commercially this is a better option because it is more sturdy, and stays fresher longer than green lettuces. Lettuce is certainly a good choice for bulk because it makes you feel fuller quicker. It is also a good choice for water content, providing much needed water to the cells. Iceberg lettuce also a good source of much needed fiber. But is it adequate in meeting our daily supply of FRUITS AND VEGETABLES? Read the rest of this entry

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