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chemical experiments don't belong in your body.

chemical experiments don’t belong in your body.



Eye shadow, lipstick, and nail polish contain between twenty-five and thirty-five harmful chemicals. Things like hair spray foundation, shampoo and deodorant contain between ten and twenty five chemicals. Other cosmetic and beauty products contain different quanties and various intensities of harmful chemicals. Artificial nails use some of the harshest chemicals.


The effects on the body of these chemicals range from:

  •  Irritation of skin, eyes, nose and throat.
  • Heightened allergies.
  • Compromised immune systems. This is an open door to an unbelievable amount of dangers.
  • Changes in cell structure, leaving them more susceptible to damage and cancer growth.
  • Cancer
  • Hormone disruption. Think about what this means for ten seconds.
  • Damage body organs, including lungs and heart .
  • Fertility issues
  • Headaches, and dizziness. Read the rest of this entry

Healthy Thoughts – Healthy Actions

Little Healthy Actions add up to improved body functioning.

Little Healthy Actions add up to improved body functioning.


In an effort to implement as many Healthy Actions as I can, I am always doing research online and trying to understand my body and how it functions and what I can do to make it work better and prevent illness. My favorite people to learn from are medical doctors who also incorporate natural healing methods, and preventative techniques. Along with ancient techniques such as acupuncture, massage and etc. which collectively encourage healthy Habits.

Recently I’ve been discovering much about hormones and the glands that produce them.  What a great impact they have on our bodies and how important they are!!  Understanding the various organs and what is required for them to function optimally, and the various systems in place that keeps everything moving, is truly enlightening.


While meditating on the fact that there is so much we can do to improve our health if we understood it just a little bit, I remembered an incident that bore out my thoughts. A long time ago,( Over thirty years ) when I bought my first car, I went to the dealer to collect the car. Most females would have had someone accompany them, but I went alone. The salesman spent some time showing me certain things about the car. He went under the hood and showed me how to top up the fluids and so on. He also demonstrated what he thought I needed to know on the dashboard and the controls. So when he came to (what I later discovered was) the internal heating system, he said, “don’t worry about that. It doesn’t work.” I very uncharacteristically did not ask any questions about it. So several months later when I started feeling this intense heat at my feet, as I was driving, I had no idea where it was coming from. I imagined all kinds of reasons. I talked to people about what could be the problem, and continued to be perplexed as I drove around with heat on my feet in eighty to ninety degree weather, promising to take the car to a mechanic to figure it out. Read the rest of this entry


Daily gift of life.

Daily gift of life.


Every life cycle begins with plant life. Plants have the unique ability to use the energy from the sun to create nutrition and life force. It therefore follows, that including green plants in your diet would be a good choice for providing a more direct source of vital nutrients.

As a young person, I used to tell myself silly things like. Only goats eat leaves. At that time, I had no understanding of the real benefits of food, and how important nutrients are to the daily functioning of our organs, hormones and the prevention of diseases and ailments.

Maybe wisdom comes with age, maybe it is instilled by God for a particular purpose. Perhaps, one just gets tired of not being well and seeks to make their body better. There was a time when the greenest thing I ate was avocado. Cucumber salad was a regular part of our diet, but we peeled the skin off. We had no idea that we were feeding the pigs and the sheep, the most nutritious part of the cucumber


Dark leafy greens such as KALE AND SPINACH, provide a wealth of HEALTH BENEFITS, and more nutrients than most people are aware of. Leafy greens such as spinach, kale, parsley and other “greens” abound with vitamins and minerals. The list is so extensive and widely known, that I will let you look them up on your own.

We are aware of the importance of vitamins, but it is sometimes challenging to include them in our diet on a daily basis. It is necessary to consume water soluble vitamins daily since they cannot be stored in the body. Vitamins C and most B vitamins are water soluble, and will be eliminated once they are not used. Other vitamins are fat soluble and can therefore be stored in fat and the liver, and released when needed.   These include vitamin A, D, E, K.  Some minerals that are plentiful in dark leafy greens include calcium, potassium, copper manganese and iron. Read the rest of this entry

Coconut,For your Health and Wellness


 Underneath the Coconut Tree-

More than just for pleasure, coconut for your Health and Wellness. 

Now the coconut is recognized as a nutritional powerhouse

Coconut-a tropical pleasure.

Most people conjure up an image of a lounge chair on the beach, a sunhat, and a coconut shell with a little umbrella, at the sound of the word coconut. Or the beautiful palm leaves cascading somewhere on the fringes of the photo of that idyllic tropical get-away. But did you know that the coconut can be  a powerful source of vital nutrients? How about coconut for your  Health and Wellness? 

Perhaps your total experience with coconut is in a candy bar, or as a decadent sprinkling on a desert. Or the taste in a pina colada.

Desiccated coconut adds elegance to any desert. Read the rest of this entry

Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award !


“Sisterhood of the World Bloggers” Award.                          


Surprise! A few days ago I was nominated by one of my fellow Bloggers, and fellow “Power of Ten” colleagues, Tonya Stevens for the prestigious “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.”
I was surprised when Tonya emailed me to inform me that she had nominated me, because I had never heard of it. I was also gracefully thrilled that Tonya thought that much of my blogging endeavors, since I was feeling a bit guilty of slacking in recent weeks.
I met Tonya, early this year, when we were both enrolled in a “one hundred day challenge” to take our online marketing business to new heights. During that time, we bonded and shared our triumphs and challenges, while learning from each other in the group. Tonya and I were one of the ones that made it to the end, and we continue to support and learn from each other in our “Power of Ten” tribe, led by fellow Blogger Rasheed Bustaman. http://www.blog2success.net

Thanks Tonya, for thinking of me. I am truly honored to receive this award! http://www.tonyastephens.net/sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award/

Now to my responsibility, for being nominated. Read the rest of this entry





If you are a television viewer, you,  no doubt,  have noticed the inclusion of Social media into the mainstream traditional media. Have you considered  using Social Media to generate LEADS for your BUSINESS?

Once upon a time, media outlets called you on the phone to get your opinion on their service and find out what you wanted them to do to maintain your interest.

Now all they have to do is entice you to visit them on Facebook. Or get you to follow them on twitter, and encourage you to be interactive with them.

“Follow the discussion on our Facebook page.

“Follow us on Twitter.

“Let us know  how you feel on our Facebook Fanpage. “

“Vote for your choice on our Facebook page.

….are all so familiar to our ears.

Some media even organize competitions, to entice people to access and register for their Facebook sites. “Register on our Facebook and get a chance to win a free I-pad.”

Even product advertisements, some how find a way to lead you to like their face book fan page. Read the rest of this entry

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