refined white sugar..what does it resemble?

The process of getting sugar from the sugar cane is varied depending on the finished product.

It is necessary to understand the process, as, a lack of knowledge can be detrimental to your efforts to live a “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE”

First the cane stalks are washed, and then crushed, to extract the juice.  The left over fibrous residue is called bagasse and in some sugar factories is burned to produce energy to run the manufacturing machines.

The juice is then boiled to reduce the moisture content.

The reduced liquid is then processed to remove some of impurities and color. A carbon compound (similar to chalk) is added to the juice to absorb some of the impurities and this also removes some of the sugar content, after it is removed. This can also be done with a phosphate solution. Read the rest of this entry


Is SUGAR  impeding your attempts to live a healthy lifestyle? This nutrient has been taking a lot of slack in recent years and blamed for contributing to our growing list of ailments and diseases.  

I recently ran into a stranger who was enjoying the last few bites of a slice of carrot cake. You know;  the one dripping with cream cheese icing. My mind immediately started to imagine the sugar in that apparently delicious offering.  I have made enough cake I my life and more than enough icing and so,  I am well aware what it entails. So I struck up a conversation, intending to draw her attention to the long term effects of over consumption of sugar. Before long,  I was delightfully informed that she always uses a lot of sugar. “I use 8 to 10 packs of sugar in my coffee.”  I realized this was not going to be one of those occasions when I was going to make an impression concerning  the impact of food on our health, so I shut it down. Read the rest of this entry


Fruit can be an answer to the SNACK DILEMMA, and contributes to a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Getting past the SNACK DILEMMA on your way to a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE.

So you are on a journey to adopt a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE. You know that what you eat and when you eat is at the core of your success in tipping the balance that keeps the scale moving in a negative direction.

Planning meals is a challenge, but what can be a greater challenge, is planning what you will have for snacks. Or worse yet, Not planning for your snacks. This is a crucial but often overlooked part of your journey to WEIGHTLOSS AND A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

Snacking may be tricky. It is almost never planned for, and will creep up on you in the form of hunger pangs. So we tend to look for the most convenient or handy thing to eat. The grabs can range from snack machine items to refrigerated left overs and liquid calories.
Snacks must be part of the equation, in order to be successful in weight loss. Calories eaten at snack time, are just as crucial, as they do factor into the equation.
If you have not had an ample supply of FRUIT for the day, fruit may be a good option for a snack. One must be careful to have an adequate quantity of fruit, and pay attention to the nutritional content of fruits. Some fruits can be high in sugar and calories. Even though fruits are healthier and contain more fiber than many commercially prepared snacks, one must consider the calories in them, for optimal weight loss. Read the rest of this entry

A simple approach to HEALTH AND WELLNESS –2


This is the continuation of the previous article by the same name. princessshimari.com/

Any vessel or tube that has a concentrate moving through it, will accumulate residue after a while. Check the bottom of your kettle, or the fuel filter in your car. Eating fiber in natural food helps to keep your body clean. A basic factor in maintaining HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

Back in the day when I had babies, I was fortunate enough to have an electric sterilizer for the feeding bottles. (They weren’t disposable back then.) But every now and again I had to get that bottle brush and get down in there and scrub them. That is the job of fiber in food. Our filters were designed to trap a little toxicity but when we over load them they don’t know how to handle it. The organs become damaged. They can’t function properly, and so the hormones and other complex systems are compromised. So the livers fail, kidneys fail (to work). . Would you put dirty gas or dirty oil in your car? go here, to see a product that can and WILL help to clean our bodies, and improve your overall health. www.healthandwealthbuilders.biz Read the rest of this entry

A simple approach to HEALTH AND WELLNESS –3


It appears that more people are sick in these modern times, with more illnesses than we knew of in the past. Perhaps it is that modern science has evolved to where it is now able to identify ailments more readily.
It is also possible that more illnesses are developing from more environmental issues as well as nutritional mistakes, and compromised food.

In the previous articles I began to describe the common sense approach to protecting our bodies more. Let us continue to look at some more simple decisions that can alter the rate at which the body is compromised, and also affects our individual HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

We sign up for regular maintenance on our vehicles, but do we take care to maintain our body, Giving it what it needs to function, and be HEALTHY AND WELL?
The residue that collects in our joints is like rust in movable parts of a machine. The toxins collect and forms inflammation in our joints. We give it a name (arthritis) and accept it as normal. Is there something normal about cutting off a piece of your finger every day? Well consuming “food” that destroys the body slowly is just as abnormal. We can’t see the small changes. What we see is the cumulative effects. Most times it is too late. Read the rest of this entry

A simple approach to HEALTH AND WELLNESS


A reader asked. How do you come up with all the stuff you write about HEALTH AND WELLNESS? And I started thinking, it really is not a big deal. Well, I promised I’d share my approach for all to see.
The body is as complex as can be, but operates really simply at the same time. If we see it as a creative masterpiece, with simple user instructions, it is much easier to understand.

I decided a long, long, time ago that eternity is a very long time, so I don’t have to be in any hurry to get to heaven. I want to be right here to see all the innovations and cool stuff that will happen in the near future. I asked God for 105 and that is what I claim. But praying for a long life is not going to do it. Sure, God is all powerful, but I believe that He expects us to do our part. He may have a different plan, but that is not my business, because I have no control there. My business is to give myself an opportunity for whatever lies in my future if it is to be. Read the rest of this entry

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