GMO’s are a big part of our food supply

 Do you know what is in it?

Do you know what is in it?


GMO stands for:- Genetically Modified Organism.

This can be a plant or animal. It is when genetic engineers merge DNA’s from different species to alter the composition and features of a plant or animal. (That is the simple explanation. Much more complex)

It goes a bit further than traditional cross-breeding since the products are unstable and cannot occur naturally. I discovered some scary things in my research on GMO”s, and some interesting things about hybrid fruits.

Crossbreeding is more like grafting trees, and making hybrids of plants to achieve things like seedless watermelons, PLUOTS (cross between a plum and apricot), and a grapefruits (pummel, sweet orange).

Hybrids usually produce bigger and/or sweeter fruits.

Genetic modification goes a bit further by manipulating the genes and DNA to achieve much more complex results.

Hear how “THE DOCTORS” summarized it briefly.  


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Wheat, Gluten, and your HEALTH AND WELLNESS



wheat may not be all that you think it is.

wheat may not be all that you think it is.



We love bread. We eat so much of it at our favorite restaurants, that we have to take our meal home to eat later. For many of us, between pizza, pasta, bread, crackers, cereals, sandwiches, wraps cakes and pancakes, and almost anything that is processed our food patterns are pretty much covered.  There is also a high possibility that you may be “sleeping with the enemy” Is it possible that wheat and other grains are negatively and silently, affecting your HEALTH AND WELLNESS?






Watch this video to hear what Dr. Hyman has to say.

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peas and beansA few days ago, I was talking to someone about my blogging. The question was asked “What are you writing about today?”  On hearing my response, My good friend continued:” Do you ever write about anything positive?”  You know that’s a good friend, who would not hesitate to point out a flaw, even one that bore the potential to be perceived  as critical.

But I was Oh so grateful for the pointer, because once I thought about it, I began to realize that my points of view were bordering on being negative. I ws automatically assuming that it was more crucial to point out what we are doing wrong, that is doing damage to our health.  We can also reverse damage by supplementing with the right nutrients. 

It got me to thinking, that I should devote more time to highlighting some of the easy and positive changes we can make to enhance our efforts to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry



food-label. Lots of strange words.

food-label. Lots of strange words.

A few years ago, I Figured out that I was gluten intolerant and started on a gluten free diet (or so I thought).

I thought it was a foregone conclusion that once I didn’t bake with flour, ate quinoa instead of rice, and learned that almost any bean can be made into a four, that it will be well.

After all the adjusting, my symptoms persisted. It was not before long that I discovered the vastness of my mistakes, by not reading food labels carefully.


I could no longer take anything for granted.  I started paying more attention , and especially  by reading labels.

Not only did I learn how widespread the use of wheat and corn is, in the processed food industry, I learned some things that the average person probably never would consider, in regards to processed foods and the ingredients they contain. I find it to be so disturbing, and at the same time fascinating, that I thought I would share some of them with you. Read the rest of this entry




Since this month is being recognized as celiac disease awareness month, I thought I would highlight and hopefully, heighten the awareness of CELIAC DISEASE.

Because there is lots of information out there on gluten intolerance, gluten sensitivity and CELIAC DISEASE, it is not my intention here to regurgitate a bunch of facts and figures for you. Instead I will attempt to relate my personal journey to being aware of CELIAC DISEASE, and the horror that it is to the human body.

The first thing that we need to be aware of is that Gluten intolerance is not the same thing as celiac disease. Gluten Intolerance simply means that your body cannot tolerate GLUTEN, and it reacts in countless negative ways. Gluten is the protein found in grains and is the gluey sticky substance that gives wheat its pliability. One of the ways the body reacts is to cause disturbances in the intestinal system, causing a ripple effect of symptoms, disorders and results. Celiac disease is therefore an autoimmune digestive disorder usually caused by ingesting GLUTEN. Read the rest of this entry



Things you didn’t know ABOUT AVOCADOS !!

Super fruit AVOCADO, packs a nutritional punch

Many people have different interpretations as to what is the world’s most perfect food. The food that provides the most nutrients on its own, is not processed, contains no harmful chemicals, does not contribute to any illnesses or lifestyle conditions, and can be consumed with relative EASE.

Sounds like a tall order for a single food right? As a matter of fact, it is not so unachievable.
Depending on who we listen to, or what part of the planet you call home, you may come up with different ideas for a near perfect single food. Read the rest of this entry

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