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I know that you have heard that old adage, “You are as old as you feel.” Some of us females have a different interpretation of that “You are as old as you look.”

It could be a bit of a challenge to convince others that you feel like a teenager if your face says you look like an old woman. So how about feeling GOOD and looking YOUNG. Sounds like a winning combination!!!

We invent and use technology to make jobs easier. Before there was a food processor, a knife did part of the work. But it was never the same. Before there was a blender, people pureed things using a sieve, or what-ever method they learned.

In the scope of skin-care, technology is not lacking. 

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Every now and again, in researching and learning about NATURAL HEALING, I come across some information which amazes me.

I believe that I have known about “ALOES” AKA “ALOE VERA” my whole life.

I have known of its topical uses for healing cuts and burns, and also of taking it internally for cleansing.

The gel inside this cactus is believed to have great health benefits.

The gel inside this cactus is believed to have great health benefits.

I have seen people travel with an aloe plant or two to grow in their houses and apartments in North America. I have also seen apartment with too many aloe plants because I guess, us Caribbean people, just have to have access to aloes.

A few years ago, when I first realized that I had celiac disease, the only thing that brought some healing to my intestinal trauma, was drinking aloe on an empty stomach.

From this exposure, (article I read) I learned that ALOE VERA is much more beneficial to our health than I was previously aware. You can introduce yourself to the internal benefits of ALOE VERA in this form.

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PLANT-BASED OILS for Healthy Skin Care (Part 2)


This is PART TWO of a Two-Part Article.  See PART 1 HERE


                              FLAXSEED OIL comes from a tree that originated in ancient Egypt and China thousands of years ago.

Flaxseed oil has many health benefits, including healthy skin.

Flaxseed oil has many health benefits, including healthy skin.

 It was once the leading crops for cloth in Europe and North America. Historically, flaxseed oil was used mainly in Europe for inflammatory diseases (including heart conditions) and hormone related illnesses.

Now the seed is more recognized for heart health. Flaxseed oil softens skin, because of its abundance of essential fatty acids.

Flaxseed oil is an anti-inflammatory plant-based oil, and can be used to treat acne, eczema, psoriasis, sunburn and rosacea. 

Flax is also called linseed. There is an industrial version of linseed oil (sold in hardware stores) that is not for consumption.



Sea buckthorn good for your health. good for your skin.

Sea buckthorn good for your health. good for your skin.

SEA-BUCKTHORN OIL: In spite of its name it does not come from the sea. The oil comes from a shrub, which bears berries, and the oil comes from the seeds of the fruit. Sea Buckthorn oil has a long history, and knowledge of its nutritional and healing effects, is widespread. 

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PLANT-BASED OILS for Healthy Skin Care (Part 1)


This is Part One of a Two-Part Article. 

Some time ago, I wrote an article on the dangers to our health, of many beauty products, because of the chemicals used to make them.

Healthy oils make healthy skin

Healthy oils make healthy skin


Today I want to talk about some alternatives which are not only safe and effective, but may even benefit your overall health with consistent use for skin care. Plant-based oils, are gaining in acceptance in the Western world, even though many of them have been used for millenniums elsewhere. 

Natural oils have been used for centuries, for skin and hair care. Natural oils are safe and plant based, so the chances of damaging your skin or your body are minimal. This anti-aging skin serum, contain extracts from twelve powerful super foods. 

Also minimal is the amount you have to use, so an investment will take you a long way.

Some of the natural plant-based oils which have been used for thousands of years in various locations around the world, and are increasing in popularity are:-                                                                                                                       

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chemical experiments don't belong in your body.

chemical experiments don’t belong in your body.



Eye shadow, lipstick, and nail polish contain between twenty-five and thirty-five harmful chemicals. Things like hair spray foundation, shampoo and deodorant contain between ten and twenty five chemicals. Other cosmetic and beauty products contain different quanties and various intensities of harmful chemicals. Artificial nails use some of the harshest chemicals.


The effects on the body of these chemicals range from:

  •  Irritation of skin, eyes, nose and throat.
  • Heightened allergies.
  • Compromised immune systems. This is an open door to an unbelievable amount of dangers.
  • Changes in cell structure, leaving them more susceptible to damage and cancer growth.
  • Cancer
  • Hormone disruption. Think about what this means for ten seconds.
  • Damage body organs, including lungs and heart .
  • Fertility issues
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 Skin care products. Do you know what's in them?

Skin care products. Do you know what’s in them?

So you wake up in the morning. You have to get dressed and out to work. Or you have a date and you want to look and smell your best. You shampoo your hair. Or if you are African descent, you probably went to the hair dresser the day or weekend before. You use some kind of shampoo, some kind of conditioner, some kind of soap. You applied some kind of deodorant, some kind of hand cream, some kind of perfume. If you are female, you probably used some kind of face powder, lipstick, eye brow pencil, maybe mascara. And the list goes on. All these SKIN CARE PRODUCTS are used to enhance our beauty, but can they be hindering your efforts to live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE?

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