Skin care products. Do you know what's in them?

Skin care products. Do you know what’s in them?

So you wake up in the morning. You have to get dressed and out to work. Or you have a date and you want to look and smell your best. You shampoo your hair. Or if you are African descent, you probably went to the hair dresser the day or weekend before. You use some kind of shampoo, some kind of conditioner, some kind of soap. You applied some kind of deodorant, some kind of hand cream, some kind of perfume. If you are female, you probably used some kind of face powder, lipstick, eye brow pencil, maybe mascara. And the list goes on. All these SKIN CARE PRODUCTS are used to enhance our beauty, but can they be hindering your efforts to live a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE?

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BODY WASTES. How they can reflect your health.



Today I want to draw your attention to a few things concerning body wastes.  I would not skin up my nose if I were you. Your body wastes are directly related to what you consume. What goes up must come down, and what goes in must come out right? Both liquid and solid wastes are what is left over after the body has extracted all the nutrients it can from the food you feed it.


When you go to the doctor, the first thing the doctor does is ask you a bundle of questions. Why are you here? What symptoms do you have? What’s been going on? Once they have an idea, then they can hone in on the questions and be more specific. The reason is that the doctor has to ask these questions, is that you are the only person who lives in your body. If you tell the doctor you have a pain, they have to ask you what kind of pain? Is it a sticking pain, a numb pain, a throbbing pain? You are the only one who knows. Because you have a ring-side seat to the operations of your body, you should use this position to your benefit. Read the rest of this entry

Also a par of your overall Health and Wellness

Also serious Health concern

It stands to reason that everything that involves the body eventually affects our Health and Wellness. Both positive actions and negative actions will affect us accordingly. In order to attain the best health possible, it is necessary to practice good health habits on a regular and continuous basis. Eating healthy once or twice a week will definitely not be as beneficial to our health as doing so on a regular basis.(with the occasional indulgence.)

One of the things which we probably do not pay as much attention to, as we should, is our sleep habits.

I always say that God knows why He made day and night. I believe He knew that sleep is so essential to our Good health that he made it easy for us to do nothing for almost half the day, but sleep. But like many other things mankind got too smart for their own good and made ways and options to allow us to not sleep as we should.

Babies sleep around sixteen hours a day.  As they grow older, the number of hours, required to sleep for optimum health and functioning, decrease considerably. As children mature into teenagers, they require more sleep. This may be due to the various processes of growth and maturity going on inside the body, that demands more down time. Read the rest of this entry


Tobacco smoke is bad for your health.

Tobacco smoke destroys the lungs.

Have you ever heard that “smoking Tobacco is bad for your health?”

Here are some hard facts to back up that claim.

1. Statistics say that half of all long term smokers will die pre-maturely from smoking related illnesses. At least half of those deaths will be in their middle age years.

2 Smoking harms almost all organs of the body.

3. Smoking actually cancels out the positive effects of other good health habits.

4.Smoking contributes to many other forms of cancer other than lung cancer. Of the deaths directly

Cancer regions affected by tobacco smoke.

Tobacco does not only affect the lungs. Cancer in these regions are also associated with tobacco smoking.

from smoking, about 40% are from cancers (smoking related), 30% from cardio vascular diseases (heart related) and 30 % from emphysema (lung related)

5.Four thousand chemical compounds. Four hundred toxic substances. If you had to guess one place on earth where this concentration of killers can be found, most people would conjure up images of the local sewerage treatment facility. Nope in cigarettes. Read the rest of this entry


I feel compelled to spill the beans.

I had no intentions of writing a blog post today. But in the past hour or so I started having this really strong urge to do this. I know that there are no accidents, and so I believe that what I am about to highlight will touch someone in some way.

Sometime today, a youngster read an article I had written about refined sugar and nonchalantly said that, he must have his sugar because it is addicting. While this blog is not about refined sugar, I have to ask:  Is there anything that is addicting that is good for you? My thoughts are that even if it is something good initially, too much of a good thing can be bad. And too far east is west.  Ponder on that and give me your thoughts. “Bad for Your Health” habits can be Broken. Read the rest of this entry

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