Its summer time!!!

Watermelon is more nutritionally sound than we thought.

Watermelon is more nutritionally sound than we thought.

It is time for outdoor living, picnics, back yard barbecues. And time for watermelon.

Whether you like to eat it from the skin or make water melon balls, most people will agree that water melon is refreshing, especially when the temperature outside starts to rise.

Watermelon is actually more than a refreshing summer fruit. All fruits have some great nutritional benefits, and watermelon is no exception. This is an excellent example of how you can use simple everyday fruits to enhance your healthy lifestyle.

See the amazing, anti-aging,health benefits of “fulvia”


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peas and beansA few days ago, I was talking to someone about my blogging. The question was asked “What are you writing about today?”  On hearing my response, My good friend continued:” Do you ever write about anything positive?”  You know that’s a good friend, who would not hesitate to point out a flaw, even one that bore the potential to be perceived  as critical.

But I was Oh so grateful for the pointer, because once I thought about it, I began to realize that my points of view were bordering on being negative. I ws automatically assuming that it was more crucial to point out what we are doing wrong, that is doing damage to our health.  We can also reverse damage by supplementing with the right nutrients. 

It got me to thinking, that I should devote more time to highlighting some of the easy and positive changes we can make to enhance our efforts to attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry

Many grain contain GLUTEN..and triggers GLUTEN INTOLERANCES.



I never attempted to write a blog on  GLUTEN INTOLERANCE  before, mainly because I was struggling to understand it myself.

I was struggling to understand my symptoms and what to do about healing my body, since all I heard from my various tests was that there is nothing wrong.  So as such, I was the only one that knew that I had a problem, but had no idea what it was. .

Because there is so much that many people are not aware of and which may be useful, I will not try to cram it into one post.

This article will deal with GLUTEN SENSITIVITY, GLUTEN INTOLERANCE (allergy) and their relation to CELIAC DISEASE.

I realize that in order to do a meaningful job of this, I have to infuse it with my personal experiences. That is quite OK.  If this helps anyone to zero in on their symptoms and cause people to be on the look-out for symptoms it would be worth it.

It is estimated that only a small percent of the occurrence of gluten intolerance are diagnosed as such. In many instances it is discovered while investigating other diseases. One school of thought is that as many as 15% of persons are gluten sensitive. Read the rest of this entry


refined white sugar..what does it resemble?

The process of getting sugar from the sugar cane is varied depending on the finished product.

It is necessary to understand the process, as, a lack of knowledge can be detrimental to your efforts to live a “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE”

First the cane stalks are washed, and then crushed, to extract the juice.  The left over fibrous residue is called bagasse and in some sugar factories is burned to produce energy to run the manufacturing machines.

The juice is then boiled to reduce the moisture content.

The reduced liquid is then processed to remove some of impurities and color. A carbon compound (similar to chalk) is added to the juice to absorb some of the impurities and this also removes some of the sugar content, after it is removed. This can also be done with a phosphate solution. Read the rest of this entry


Is SUGAR  impeding your attempts to live a healthy lifestyle? This nutrient has been taking a lot of slack in recent years and blamed for contributing to our growing list of ailments and diseases.  

I recently ran into a stranger who was enjoying the last few bites of a slice of carrot cake. You know;  the one dripping with cream cheese icing. My mind immediately started to imagine the sugar in that apparently delicious offering.  I have made enough cake I my life and more than enough icing and so,  I am well aware what it entails. So I struck up a conversation, intending to draw her attention to the long term effects of over consumption of sugar. Before long,  I was delightfully informed that she always uses a lot of sugar. “I use 8 to 10 packs of sugar in my coffee.”  I realized this was not going to be one of those occasions when I was going to make an impression concerning  the impact of food on our health, so I shut it down. Read the rest of this entry



Carbohydrates are actually an essential and vital nutrient for the proper functioning of the body, and should be part of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. They are the fuel that gives us energy. Energy is not just needed for exercise. Practically all bodily activities require energy. It is therefore not a good idea to not have enough carbohydrates in the daily diet. Since we have already examined the harmful effects of bad carbs, I want to highlight some of the carbohydrate foods that are considered good carbs.
It may be noted that most fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates in varying amounts. Because fruit and vegetables in their natural state also contain vitamins, minerals, FIBER and other phytonutrients, they are considered good sources of carbohydrates and PROPER NUTRITION.

Consider trying fruits hat are new to you. Tropical fruits are interesting. It is kind of exciting to introduce my friends to tropical fruits which are readily available in Asian markets. I have one friend who had never heard of a guava two years ago. Now guava juice is the only juice she drinks, and will scout the town to find mangoes for mango salsa. Try avocado as a more healthy alternative to mayo. were you aware that a cashew is really a fruit and the nuts are merely the external seed of the fruit? and that pomegranates are one of the most anti-oxidant dense fruits on the planet. I have tried some new fruits myself recently and there are none that I have not liked.

Did you know that all whole grains (including rice) are the seeds of grasses?
Brown rice is a more natural source of carbohydrates than white rice because it has not had the husk (fiber) removed. Although the calorie content is not much less than white rice by volume, brown rice is better because of the fiber content.
Some substitutes for rice that are healthier, include, Quinoa which is cooked just like rice but is a smaller grain, and has a nutty flavor. Next time you feel like some polenta, try some amaranth. These are two of many delicious options that require only a bit of boldness in the kitchen.

Various forms of potatoes and yams are also good carbs. Other root vegetables such as yucca, (cassava) radishes, beets, eddoes, squashes and pumpkins (yes they are edible) are all sources of good carbs, and constitutes HEALTHY NUTRITION.

Green bananas can be cooked in the skin and is a nutritious and tasty source of carbs. So is its cousin the plantain, which can also be cooked in the skin, or sliced and pan fried.

Peas and beans such as lentils, red beans, pigeon peas, white beans, navy beans, chick peas (garbanzo beans) are not only good for carbohydrates, but are good sources of protein as well as numerous other nutrients.

Explore the world of alternate sources of carbs. All of these items and numerous others are readily available in various farmers markets and international farmer’s markets. A year ago, I had no idea what was quinoa, or amaranth were. Today they are two of my favorites, and so much tastier and nutritious than rice or corn. You don’t have to stick to rice and pasta (refined white flour) to get your carbohydrate content in your diet. Nature has provided an abundance of sources for us to obtain HEALTHY NUTRITION. If you insist on having refined, bleached, white flour (in all its many faces) as your carbohydrate staple, there is always SKINNY FIBER to the rescue.

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Cheers to building your HEALTH and your WEALTH.

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