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What is the buzz about alkaline diets and pH balance?

If you are interested in some way in a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, you no doubt have been hearing some kind of buzz about a so-called ALKALINE DIET.

Which is not a diet at all but a healthy eating habit which will, by its very nature, contribute significantly to a healthy lifestyle and weight control.
Have you ever noticed that bacteria and fungi, such as yeast and mushrooms only grow under certain conditions? Many foods like certain cheeses are only possible by altering the condition of foods allowing certain processes to take place.

Maintaining the correct conditions within your body allows it to thrive and prevent certain unhealthy conditions from developing. The level of acidity in your body is crucial to your good health.

pH balance is not about foods that taste acid as opposed to foods that are not acid in taste. It is about the potential hydrogen. Potential as in what is formed after the foods have been metabolized (burned) Acid forming foods produce a residue with more hydrogen ions making the body acidic. Alkaline foods, assist in removing the hydrogen ions and makes the body more alkaline. The less hydrogen, the more oxygen to transport essential nutrients to the body’s cells. In order to remain at a healthy PH level, the body must have a constant supply of oxygen and other vital nutrients.

The acid-alkaline scale ranges from 1to 14. While 0 is the most acidic, and 14 the most alkaline, the ideal balance is in the middle , slightly on the alkaline side, between 7.35 and 7.45
When the body is acidic, it tries to pull the vital alkaline minerals and nutrients from other parts of the body to balance the acid effects.
Although foods are the major contributors to the acid-alkaline balance, other factors such as stress, toxic overload, immune reactions and anything that deprives the cells of oxygen and vital nutrients, also play a role. Maintaining a healthy pH balance should be a part of your healthy lifestyle routine.

An acidic pH level causes the body to :

1. …..lose the ability to absorb minerals and other nutrients. (which should also be present in adequate amounts).
2. ……decrease the ability of the cells to produce energy,
3. ……decrease the ability of the cells to repair themselves when damaged,
4. ……decrease the body’s ability to detoxify heavy metals,
5. ……allows tumor cells and inflammation to thrive, and makes the body more susceptible to fatigue and illness.




The popular recommendation is to achieve an alkaline pH by eating a diet consisting of 80% alkaline forming foods and a mere 20% of acid forming foods. It is also believed that this ratio is ideal for athletes and active people, but less active people can be Ok with a less diverse ratio.
To maintain the balance once it has been regulated, the food intake can be adjusted slightly to about 60% alkaline forming foods and only 40 percent of acid forming foods.
All acid- forming foods are not all bad. There must be a mixture in order to achieve a balance. Choose natural acid forming foods as opposed to processed foods that are acid forming.
Research varies slightly as to the pH of certain foods, and while it is good to strive for a perfect balance, it does not need to be a source of added emotional stress.

A body that remains in an acid state develops what is known as acidosis, creating the conditions for many unhealthy conditions to thrive.

Bloating burning and heartburn as some of the first signs of pH balance problems.
It should be concluded that the best way to achieve and maintain the correct alkaline balance in your body is to eat the right foods on a consistent basis. I am here to tell you, that this is a tall order for most people, myself included. Most fast- foods, junk foods, processed foods and the like are definitely acid forming and not conducive to a healthy lifestyle anyway.
You are probably wondering; “how do I know if my body pH is right, and how do I test it? Test strips are available at reasonable costs from several health food stores or Amazon. Simply soak the strip in saliva or urine and the color changes to reflect the level of alkalinity. It is far easier to test your pH level than to maintain it. But there are simple and convenient ways to enhance this process.
One method that has been used successfully in recent times, is the consumption of alkaline water on a regular basis. To accomplish this you can buy an ionizer machine, or use a more convenient method such as adding X2O in your water. X2o water helps to provide trace minerals and electrolytes to your body, giving it an alkaline boost, thereby combatting the effects of poor diet and emotional stress. Simply add the packets to your purified water . Your water is ionized right before you drink it.
Another convenient way to assist your body in becoming and maintaining the right alkaline balance, is to consume a concentration of alkaline forming super greens once a day . These can be found in the form of capsules or powdered form that is easy to use.
Ask yourself, Am I worth it. Does my body depend on me to do the right thing? Do I need to maintain a healthy body?
As always “Treat your body right and it will return the favor:
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