I am so happy that  you came to visit me. Allow me to introduce myself to you.

My name is Yvonne Warner. I adopted the name, Princess Shimari, because in reality that is who I reallly am. I am a child of God, who walk in the fullness of God, and the proud mother of Shimon and Omari.

My Background

I am from the Beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. (That’s one of our beaches at the top). I spent most of my adult life as an EDUCATOR. A thirty-five year career, six of which were spent in study. I studied for three years at Erdiston Teacher’s College/University of the West Indies in Barbados, and three years at Hampton University, Virginia, USA.

Most of my teaching career was at home on the beautiful island of Barbados, but I also had the privilege of working in Grand Cayman, and Gwinnet County, Georgia, USA.

In that time, I raised my two sons as a single mother, with the help of  my dear mother and my baby sister. I am proud of the wonderful young men that they turned out to be.

I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure almost three decades ago.  What I discovered was that it showed up when I was stressed. I don’t like chemicals (pills) so my struggle is to eliminate stress and eat right. That is a bit difficult at times, because I’m a genuine foodie. I love to cook and eat, and I put on weight easily. So I made up my mind that I have no choice but to lead a Healthy Lifestyle.

My Passions

I retired from teaching academics three years ago, and presently live in Virginia,  enjoying two of my greatest passions in life.  I now educate others on the importance of taking control of their health, and being their own health advocate. It does not have to be a game of luck and chance. I also work on developing my writing, as this is a gift and a passion of mine, that I previously could not focus on to any extent. My destiny is now to use this gift for the Kingdom of God

A wise old man once told me; “Whatever bothers you most in this life, is what you were put here to change.” In other words, you develop a passion for something so that you have the drive to make a difference.

I don’t quite remember when I started to develop a passion for Health and Wellness, but for many years, I have acquired knowledge and developed insights into what a marvelous machine the human body is, and how easily its performance can be compromised. It pains me to see people suffer with diseases that are for the most part. preventable.

This is not born out of any personal experiences, but rather through a genuine understanding that God wants us to have an abundant life, and has provided all that we need to have it.

My Mission

Here at Health and Wealth Builders Intl., my aim is to enrich the lives of others, who, just like me must be vigilant in order to stay healthy.

My overall goal is to help individuals, who believe that they want more out of life,  by achieving and maintaining great health, as well as achieving financial freedom through Network Marketing Success.

Maintaining good health is pro-active. It is far easier to manage our good health than to manage sickness and disease. Most of all, it requires active participation by you.

I will share insights and tips to strive for wellness and longevity, and provide you with the tools and training to build a successful Network Marketing business.

Good health and financial freedom enhance each other. One is not much good without the other.

Come with me as I take this journey to a place of contentment, through  building your Health and your Wealth

“Treat Your Body Right, and it will return the favor”


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