It appears that more people are sick in these modern times, with more illnesses than we knew of in the past. Perhaps it is that modern science has evolved to where it is now able to identify ailments more readily.
It is also possible that more illnesses are developing from more environmental issues as well as nutritional mistakes, and compromised food.

In the previous articles I began to describe the common sense approach to protecting our bodies more. Let us continue to look at some more simple decisions that can alter the rate at which the body is compromised, and also affects our individual HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

We sign up for regular maintenance on our vehicles, but do we take care to maintain our body, Giving it what it needs to function, and be HEALTHY AND WELL?
The residue that collects in our joints is like rust in movable parts of a machine. The toxins collect and forms inflammation in our joints. We give it a name (arthritis) and accept it as normal. Is there something normal about cutting off a piece of your finger every day? Well consuming “food” that destroys the body slowly is just as abnormal. We can’t see the small changes. What we see is the cumulative effects. Most times it is too late.

Extra weight on your body puts so much pressure on the joints that they can’t function well. Bones rub and decay. Enter a new surgery and all is well. (really?)I recently saw an ad for COPD. I was thinking. What do you expect when your lungs are suffocating? Get the rid of the fat, and give your organs a break. Would you put another vehicle on top of the one you are driving and ride around with it? But we expect to put hundreds of pounds on our organs and expect them to work right? Take 5 minutes to watch this, in case it can help with weight loss, for you or a loved one.

Pores are for exit of toxins not entry of chemicals. Ever wondered why God put those sweat glands under your arm? (Or if you believe in a different theory….why they evolved?) He knew that some things need an exit. Smart humans that we became, we block the pores with anti-perspirant,(aluminum)that eventually ends up in our blood stream and organs, because we know better than the manufacturer, and then wonder why our bodies become toxic and start to decay. Like holding stool in all day till it is convenient to let it out. Meanwhile all the toxins are being reabsorbed into the body. Could that be the reason why we get colon cancer far more than cancer of the small intestine? My brain works overtime occasionally. Just a thought. I can imagine why vehicles have an exhaust system, and a malfunctioning one renders the whole vehicle problematic.

What about enough sleep? Does mankind think that God did not know what he was doing when He made it so it was dark for a certain number of hours in each day? Maybe He thought that we needed that time to rebuild our body, physically and mentally? So we outsmarted God and decided we don’t have to sleep. We made a way to see 24 hours a day. Progress is fine. But it has to be balanced with wisdom.
All I can say is that our bodies would not rebel so much if we put our brain power into the process of living.

Would you put some of the things we put on your skin in our mouths? I think not. Anything you would not put in your mouth has no business on your skin. Because the skin is the biggest organ your body has. At least in your digestive track some of it has a chance of being eliminated if you have enough fiber to sweep it out. From the skin it all goes into your blood and to your brain and every major organ. Ever wondered how patches work?

All I can say is that our bodies would not rebel so much if we put our brain power into the process of living.The body is a magnificently designed machine, and nothing about it is a mistake. How about we pay more attention to how it is supposed to operate, instead of what is more convenient for us? Think of every act that our body goes through as either contributing to, or compromising HEALTH AND WELLNESS>

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