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Any vessel or tube that has a concentrate moving through it, will accumulate residue after a while. Check the bottom of your kettle, or the fuel filter in your car. Eating fiber in natural food helps to keep your body clean. A basic factor in maintaining HEALTH AND WELLNESS.

Back in the day when I had babies, I was fortunate enough to have an electric sterilizer for the feeding bottles. (They weren’t disposable back then.) But every now and again I had to get that bottle brush and get down in there and scrub them. That is the job of fiber in food. Our filters were designed to trap a little toxicity but when we over load them they don’t know how to handle it. The organs become damaged. They can’t function properly, and so the hormones and other complex systems are compromised. So the livers fail, kidneys fail (to work). . Would you put dirty gas or dirty oil in your car? go here, to see a product that can and WILL help to clean our bodies, and improve your overall health.

When foreign molecules gets in the body, like bacteria. The body develops inflammation to trap them from spreading. Medicine calls it an “itis” but all it is, is the body trying to protect itself. We don’t pour grease down the kitchen sink because we know what can happen to those pipes. Does one expect that they can continuously consume solid fat and other sludge and it not affect out circulatory system, causing the heart to have to work too hard to get the blood through. Have you ever plunged a toilet bowl or a kitchen sink? It’s the same concept. All that additional pressure weakens the walls of the heart and the blood vessels. Thus stroke, thus heart attack. NOT rocket science people. Eat good fat and wholesome food and avoid some of these issues. Maintaining HEALTH AND WELLNESS should be a priority to seeking health insurance.

Being in good health is one thing. Having to manage sickness and disease is another kettle of fish. I am one stubborn fool when it comes to chemicals. They say that high blood pressure runs in my maternal family. I believe that what really runs in the family is habits and lifestyle. The way we taught each other to eat is what is generational. But who am I to say that? It’s Just my thought.

I was diagnosed as hypertensive 27 yrs. ago. After giving birth. I was told that I would have to take Blood Pressure medications until I die or lose some weight. Needless to say it is easier to gain weight than to lose weight after child bearing. So I have struggled with it ever since. I knew even back then that those chemicals were not my friend. I know what causes my BP to be elevated. Eating badly which I can control and stress which I can control most times. There are times when I can’t, but when that happens I take the meds, till I don’t have to. I believe that those foreign molecules in my system are just as bad for me as the increased pressure on my heart and blood vessels. Have you noticed those television commercials for medications, where the warning is longer than the commercial? Take it at your own risk may be easier to say, but then people would remember that.

I really hope that this word causes someone to stop and think and that it accomplishes what it was sent out to do. People, we must be our own HEALTH ADVOCATES. Take care of your body and IT WILL return the favor. We must pay more attention to our HEALTH AND WELLNESS, and not leave it up to the entities that profit considerably from us being sick.

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