All roads lead to the best Network Marketing opportunity

All roads lead to the best Network Marketing opportunity

When I started out in trying to make a go of a Network Marketing opportunity, I made a lot of rookie mistakes. The first one was to trust marketers who did not deserve to be trusted. I spent hundreds of dollars at a time hoping to make some back.

I put out $300, and $400 and some ridiculous amounts of money. I was paying for kits that I did not need, buying products that I did not use, and just listening to people that I wanted to trust. I believed them when they said they were in the best Network Marketing opportunity.

One person convinced me that the only way I could sign up was to purchase the most expensive product the company sold. The proceeded to sign me up automatically for a $200 a month auto ship. That did not last too long, but I always remembered the deception. It was not about what I wanted, or what I could afford, it was about what they could make the most commissions on. IN SOME PEOPLE’S EYES THEY WERE BEING SUCCESSFUL.

But if you don’t know, you don’t know. This is not an attempt to bash anyone, or discredit anyone’s business practices. I am merely relating what I considered to be mistakes on my part. But like I said earlier, ALL roads leads to where you want to be. When you have a vision in your head, you know it when you see it. This is now where I have settled, in a Network Marketing Opportunity, that I feel good about.


So I continued on my journey, and I paid for expensive auto ships in a few other companies until I realized that the business opportunity was not going to happen for me.

Then I built teams only to watch them crumble. You see, most people cannot afford expensive monthly auto ships.  People join a company hoping to make money for themselves. Once this does not happen, people are gone, and who can blame them?  Who wants to keep putting out money on a regular basis, and getting nothing in return?

People stock pile products and end up throwing them away, ( I didn’t, I found other ways to make them useful) Simple waiting to sign up that one down-line person who will do it for them.

Then there is the other issue of paying for duplicated websites on a monthly basis. See if you can picture this. You sign up to market a product for a company. Then you have to pay them for a replicated website to market their products, hoping that you will sell some and make a small commission. Now it does not cost them anything to give you a replicated website, but it is good business from the company’s perspective.  They sign you up, and they collect your money, whether you make some or not.

I think this is something that by-passes most distributors. Even if you don’t sell anything, or does not make any money, you are still spending money, and they are still making money off of you.

So this is what I decided after making all of those mistakes.

  • I market only Health and Wellness products, because I want to offer something that will benefit people.
  • I market affordable products. I don’t believe that most expensive products are worth the price. After all, what are they made of?
  • I market products that people would buy even if there was not an opportunity attached to them.
  • I do not ever sign up to distribute anything where I have to pay for a replicated website.
  • I market products that have the potential to be around for a long time.
  • I market products that I feel GOOD about using for myself.

This is one example of a company that has affordable products. Have glowing testimonials from users, and that one can make an income from, by building their distributors, as well as customer bases.

You can afford to purchase and use the products for yourself, and as you see the great benefits, you can tell others about them. So you gain physically and financially over time.

Either way, you don’t lose anything, as all of your replicated websites, and capture pages are free. So is your auto-responder, tracking system for leads, automatic email and tracking, training, and resources.

                                                This is what I envisioned when I created my business and this logo.



joy to the best of health and financial freedom

joy to live….in the best of health and financial freedom



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