As we toast in the New Year, I am venturing to encourage you make a toast to a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE in 2012.
What a wonderful time of the year for “New Beginnings”. The year 2011 is as gone as 2000 or 1955 or any of the years that went before it. What is done is done. What is gone is gone. What went right we can cherish. What went wrong we can try to better in the coming year.
All the things that we intended to fix, the ideas that never left the thinking pad, the ones that got started and had a hard time taking off. This is the right time to whip up a new attitude about whatever you believe that you should change for the best. I can’t think of anything better to adopt at the beginning of a NEW YEAR, than a more active approach to FOOD and NUTRITION.
Like the name of my business implies, I am here to encourage you to build your HEALTH first and foremost, and then to build your WEALTH so that you can enjoy life with a renewed vigor.
There are many ways that we can improve the health and performance of our bodies.
Getting enough rest. This is the time that the body goes to work in healing, repairing, and regulating. Without sufficient rest, it compromises everything else that you are trying to do.
Drink enough water. It helps with the absorption of nutrients, as well as to flush unwanted toxins and left- overs from metabolism. (Read a fuller article here)
Of utter- most importance to maintaining a healthy body is supplying our cells with NUTRITIONAL FOOD.
Before you begin to think to yourself, that I have some nerve telling you to eat well, I want to remind you that the quality of the food is not determined by the amount on the bill at the restaurant. It is not determined by the tastiness or satisfaction of it, or whether you eat it with a gold plated cutlery or plastic ones.
Nutritional food is the kind that contains the nutrients that the body needs to keep it functioning well, allows it to repair and rebuild, and fight off invasive elements.

We could reduce the incidences of many diseases and ailments by simply feeding the body right. One of the endearing benefits of cultivating a new habit of this kind, could be to show a child or two the right ways to nourish their bodies, so that they grow up with better eating habits. Children should not be dealing with the kind of health conditions that many are battling with. They should be taught and guided in a better direction.
It is not possible to get into all the details at this time, but I just wanted to encourage you to include in your mid- night toast, a pledge to yourself, to adopt a healthier attitude toward FOOD AND NUTRITION for the new YEAR. It could make all the difference to the success of the year.
Cheers to your success in building your HEALTH and your WEALTH for 2012.
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