The human body is such a magnificent machine.(If I may call it that).

It can repair itself. It can detoxify itself, and expel unwanted elements. It has the most magnificent detective force imaginable. If you doubt that, try eating contaminated food, and see how fast it will be detected and expelled. The body creates perspiration to cool down itself if it starts to overheat. There is so much to marvel at when it comes to the human body.

Allergies are your body defenders called to action, and fighting to protect you.

One of the amazing features of the human body, is that it can detect danger at a whim and go to work to defend itself. When this happens, we refer to it as intolerance, or an allergic reaction.

There is a difference between your body being intolerant of some things, and the body developing  allergies to other things. Read the rest of this entry

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The body has it's own defense system.

GLUTEN INTOLERANCE is a rejection by the immune system of-gluten-intolerance/








Body Defenders

Body Defenders

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